Why Join AHBC?

Become an Annapolis Homebrew Club Member!

Thanks for your interest in the Annapolis Homebrew Club. We would love to hear more about you! But if you’re still on the fence about joining, here is a list of what all you get by becoming a dues paying member of the Annapolis Homebrew Club:

  1. Access to the Club’s Brewing Library
  2. Access to the Club’s Yeast swap database
  3. Access to the Club’s Water sample map
  4. Double reward points at Annapolis Homebrew Store and a 10% discount at Maryland Homebrew Store
  5. Participation in all of the Club’s monthly and annual events
  6. Membership in the Free State Homebrew Guild and access to their events: http://www.mdhomebrewers.org/
  7. The opportunity to hang out with the best looking, most intelligent, and incredibly interesting people you will ever know.

Annapolis Homebrew Club meetings occur on the third Thursday of each month. They often feature local industry speakers, in addition to being a great time to meet up with friends and share beer.  We know that sometimes just coming to the first meeting is intimidating, so if you’re worried about coming to hang out with a bunch of strangers, know that most of us in the club now were also strangers at one point as well! 

Also, even though we are based in Annapolis, our members hail from all over the state – from Southern Maryland to Baltimore (Two are even in Germany!).  All are welcome at AHBC.

Want to have someone from AHBC reach out to you regarding membership?