AHBC Club Competitions

  • February 16th


    Any non-hazy IPA; it could be an American, Session, Red, Black, West Coast IPA, etc. Just as long it is NON HAZY

  • March 16th

    Irish Ales

    This is the most narrow of the 2023 categories, as you’re looking at Dry Irish Stouts (including Extra Stouts), Irish Red Ales, and Gruits

  • May 18th

    Hazy IPA's

    Now get that haze out! Hazy, hop forward, New England IPAs….. bring the haze, and bring the hops

  • July 20th


    We’re spinning this competition a little differently. Your sole “constraint”/requirement here will be the user of a Belgian yeast strain (Omega OYL-028). Outside of that, do what you will – any grain bill, hops, adjuncts, etc

  • September 21st


    Just use a lager yeast and make sure you noe the yeast strain in your entry form. Kolsch, Pilsner, Later, IPL…. whatever. If you can’t ferment at lager temps, check out something like SafLager W-34/70 yeast!

  • November 16th


    Riding the dark beer train into winter! Any style stout or porter, any adjuncts will do.