Club Leadership

They Take Care of the Boring Stuff

Mike O’Toole, President

I started brewing in 2013 and have been a member of AHBC since 2015. I joined the club so I could meet like-minded folks and become a better brewer. Since I have met a lot of great people and have learned a ton. I’m still trying to be a better brewer. I like many styles of beers. IPAs are always one of my gotos, but I love brewing lagers. I try to brew a couple of times a month when life doesn’t get in the way.

David Casselbury, Vice President

Shit brewer, good father, better bowler.

Jason Bunting, Treasurer

The man with the money.

Juan Ascencio, Secretary

I’ve been a member of the Annapolis Homebrew Club since 2016, after moving from Houston, TX.¬† I’ve been brewing since 2012 (extract) and finally I will be starting to do All grain batches this Spring. I love porters, stouts and IPA’s, but can’t and won’t do sours!! Also, I will never say NO to a brewery tour.

Matt Jenkins, Communications Chair and Webmaster 

Pretty OK brewer, excellent drinker, even better at eating Mexican food.

Sean Cavanaugh, Guild Representative

The only one presentable enough to represent us.

Matt Bieber, Historian and Librarian

Keeps track of stuff when the rest of us cannot. 

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